The Friends can accept donations or legacies, individuals concerned should know that  the money will all go to help patients and patient facilities at Bridlington Hospital,  If you wish to know more – then please use the Contact Form here on this website. There are forms of words that if people wish, can incorporate into their Will which help a charity move the funding to the appropriate budget.

Recently a chap called James died and his family bequeathed an amount of money to purchase something in his name,

After careful

discussions with the family and staff at the hospital. A full size skeleton was purchased for the phyiso department together with some smaller joints.

These have been so well received by the physio team and their patients – we feel sure that James would be delighted.   Here you can see Angie talking with staff on physio






People will often run an event or do something and then donate the takings to the Friends. It may well be a good idea to get a solicitor involved.


ere Sarah Stocks is donating the cheque to Friends Committee members plus some of her  little band of helpers following the two day event.